Chosing a different type of seafood will help SAVE our seafood!

If your one of those people who can't get past shrimp, I encourage you to open your palate and your mind, to another species.  When you do your on your way to enjoying some amazing seafood.  More importantly, it helps save our seafood as it replenishes the ocean and species growth.  Cod is a great example.  Let it grow people!  For example, if my fishmonger doesn't have red snapper, they may have perch, or if you like salmon your bound to love arctic char.  If you like tuna opt for a local swordfish.  The latter should be eaten in moderation and is good to wait until your fishmonger has locally caught tuna.  Just recently I ate salmon and hamachi collar.  Or if you're one of those 'filet of sole' eaters and they are out of it, try haddock, turbo, hake or skate.  Chalk full of omega 3 is Mackerel!   Try smelts or herring instead of sardines.  Did you know that herring is really a larger sardine?  Simply ask your fishmonger when it comes to a local variety.   Support your local fishery first and as often as possible and open your mind to a different species of fish!   It'll be a great experience.  With love, from your personal #Fishionista!