10 Tips for Grilling Seafood on the Bar-B, with your Fishionista!

1. Always start with a clean grill
2. Before you preheat the grill, brush it with a high heat tolerance oil such as Canola, Safflower, or Corn oil.
3. Grilling with wood produces much more flavor than propane.  Experiment with natural wood chips; Hickory, Maple, Cherry and more!
4. Alternatively, experiment with soaked wood planks like, cedar, maple and cherry wood. These planks not only serve as a nice base but the fish will pick up the flavor of the wood wonderfully.  Salmon is a popular choice, but they are especially good for delicate fish too.
5. Its best to cook a whole fish in a Grillmark Broiler Fish Basket or on tin foil.
6. Wrapping fish in foil will lock in the flavors and allows you to add herbs, onions or tomatoes, creating an aromatic and delicious broth around the fish.
7. When you place your fish on the grill, be patient, don’t fiddle with your spatula- walk away for four or five minutes and wait for a nice crisp sear before turning.
8. Be careful about using miso or sugary marinades on open fire; it causes more sticking and flames.
9. Leaving the skin on gives you a healthy extra-crispy snack on the fish.
10. After grilling, spray or rub a little oil on wire brush to clean your grill.

Some of my favorite and most grill-friendly seafood is, Tuna, salmon, swordfish, halibut, shrimp, trout, mackerel, sea bass and Lobster tails! 
Photos pinned from Salt Lake City Culinary Center & Giants Eagle