Whole Snapper; No Bones About It!


I love whole fish!  Its so healthy and easy to prepare.  In one pan it all gets steamed on top of the stove, in the oven or on your grill.  Watch how the fishmonger removes the bone keeping the fish intact.  Then watch as I smother it with my favorite herbs and vegetables, which only enhances its flavors that much more.


Servings: 2
15 minutes
Cook time:
20 minutes
Total time:
35 minutes


2 pounds
Red Snapper (Bone-in or out)
1⁄2 pound
Cherry Tomatoes (Cut in half)
Onion (Med size, cut into quarters)
Fingerling Potatoes (Can use Red or Idaho: cut in half )
Green Olives (With Pits)
Lemon (Cut into quarters)
2 tablespoons
Olive oil
1 bunch
Herbs and spices to your liking ( I use thyme, rosemary, salt & pepper)
6 cloves
Garlic (Whole)


Clean and pat fish dry.
Place in pan.
Stuff the fish with 1/4 of ingredients and then surround the fish with remainder of ingredients.
Drizzle olive oil all over. 
Season with kosher salt and pepper.
Cover with lid to let steam and cook on stove over medium heat for about 20 minutes ( for about 2lbs of fish).
Fish is done when its opaque. Should be flaky not mushy. 
Remove from stove and serve the pan in middle of the table and help yourself!
*Buy whole fish with or without bone in.  Have it cleaned out and scaled by fishmonger before taking it home.


Pairs well with White Burgundy or Pinot Noir.