Scallop Carpaccio
Chef Chris Aerni from the Rossmount Inn, St. Andrews, New Brunswick, makes me this simple... read more
Meatloaf is the comfort food-fix everyone loves to eat.  Using organic ground turkey, gluten-free bread crumbs instead of store-bought... read more
Put Your Best Fish Forward, Michael-Ann Rowe, Fishionista, #PYBFF, Scallops, Gulf Shrimp, Sustainable Seafood
Totally pumped that I found this 'junk-free' barbeque sauce.  Not just for poultry or ribs, its a perfect marriage with these Gulf Shrimp... read more
Apple Cider, Artisan Cider, Ontario, Canada, Off the Beaten Palate, Greenbelt, Golden Horseshoe
In one of the largest provinces in Canada, I explored four regions in the Greater Golden Horseshoe.   Toronto, Caledon, Durham, and Lake... read more
Minas Gerais, Brazil
I never knew the word, "Mineira", let alone its diverse cuisine.  
Its the kind of food I explored when I traveled, 'off the beaten palate' in... read more