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Lobster on the Bar-B-Q will make you look like a rock-star 'Griller’!  What might start as a special occasion grilling feast, could turn... read more
Lobster, Terrine, Put Your Best Fish Forward, Michael-Ann Rowe, Atlantic Lobster, Canadian Lobster, ACOA, Fisheries Canada, Sustainable Seafood, Lobster Traps, Maine Lobster
A decadent Lobster recipe from Chef, Chris McAdams, in New Brunswick, Canada, from Episode 1, Off the Beaten Palate.
For years consumers had been mislead and outright presented with fraud on their plates.   Eating perch instead of what the menu says is red... read more
Herring, Sardines, Fishing, "Purse and Seine", Atlantic Canada Fishing
Ever ask, "where do sardines come from?" The worlds largest sardine processor is in Blacks Harbour, New Brunswick, Canada. I never knew that... read more
Off the Beaten Palate; three-part food & travel docu-series preview.