Sardines; on my 'Most Delicious Fish List'.

Sardines are just a smaller herring.  I grew up on them.  Take a peek at my adventure on a Herring Carrier in New Brunswick, Canada.
As I continue to explore our vast oceans, abundant lakes and rivers, I appreciate what really feeds my backbone, and sardines have made their way to my 'most delicious fish list'.
For some they fall into that 'fishy' fish category, but you can get over that by embracing the fact they are enriched with Omega-3's, and yet one of the most inexpensive fish per pound.
Consider, only 4 oz. of sardines will give you 1.8 grams of Omega-3’s and one tablespoon of sardine oil gives you 3.7 grams.
Now, consider how easy they are to prepare; buy them cleaned, dust with a little flour; flash-fry or pan-fry for 4 minutes; sprinkle with kosher salt and a squeeze of lemon, and your on your way!  
Sardines are Fishionista™ approved!