Work With Me

Michael-Ann Rowe

Emmy® Award Winning television personality, food & travel journalist; a culinary advocate, specializing in seafood.  Pairs well with her theatrical background :)

Let's work together!  Whether I’m in front or behind the camera, there are a number of ways we can work together.

Hire the FISHIONISTA™!   Thinking of a local fundraiser or an ad campaign?  Perhaps a cooking demonstration. The Fishionista™ is a champion of responsibly caught seafood!  
Creating ways to take the mystery out of buying, cooking and enjoying seafood is evident in my series, Put Your Best Fish Forward, as well as with my Seafood Pop-Ups.

ADVERTISING/ SPONSORSHIPS:  having produced a lot of ‘rich’ content, there is great opportunity to add your brand message to videos for food, travel and entertainment.  I am happy to collaborate and create a campaign with you!

Put Your Best Fish Forward offers great opportunities to wrap your messaging around a sustainable food series.
There is always room for straight-up advertising!

BRAND AMBASSADOR: developing, testing, and demonstrating recipes; spokesperson, commercials, print, voice-over, trade show panels, or public speaking. 
These are all great ways I can help bring your Brand to life!

SPONSORED POSTS: I am happy to create an easy recipe with your product and post it on my blog and in the food section. 

WRITING & PRODUCTION for new content: products, travel destinations, food stories, testimonials.   Rich content that is all about your brand is where its at!
I can make it all come to life.

FOOD STYLING:  I love my job as a freelance Food Stylist because what’s more fun than playing with food!  Lets make your food come alive on the set.

EVENTS:  Contests, trade shows or conferences; I attend trade shows to write about fresh, rich content.

ON-CAMERA PRINT: Perhaps you need someone to represent your new products or messaging in a print campaign.  From pots & pans, to wine & cars or even a mobile APP.

TRAVEL: Press or FAM trips are a great way to share new stories and unique destinations.  If you’ve watched any of my Emmy® Award Winning food & travel documentary, Off the Beaten Palate, you can attest, I love to discover culture through food!  Always ready for the next OTBP story or new Seafood Destination! 

PRODUCT REVIEWS:  I write product reviews organically.  If you send me something to write about, I’m happy to post it, if its a good fit for, and its something I would recommend to others.

ACTRESS/ ON CAMERA TALENT: I have a theater background and take this into my passion for food.  It all comes full circle as there is so much drama in the culinary world and my kitchen becomes one big theater when I prepare food.  Regardless, I love chomping on a good role!  If you are interested in casting me in your next film, television show or commercial, email me here.  I have enjoyed playing a range of characters from comedic to dramatic, including commercials and voice-overs.

*I am open to collaborating with other bloggers that support sustainability; swapping recipes, creating campaigns, twitter chats, etc.

Feel free to review my Bio, Press Pages and Showreels in the 'About' section of this website.

If you have an inquiry, a PR Firm or Press, contact me here.

If you have questions about OTBP (Off the Beaten Palate), or PYBFF (Put Your Best Fish Forward), email here.


If you would like to discuss sponsorship email me here.

Michael-Ann Rowe is an ambassador for Seafood Nutrition Partnership and ambassador for Wild American Shrimp.