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Welcome to my website!  The place where you can peruse all of my content of TV, Film, Theater, and more; the Emmy Award winning, Off the Beaten Palate  (food & travel content); a brand new food & travel series called, Put Your Best Fish Forward, with the introduction to yours truly, as your Fishionista ®

My website is like a one-stop shop.
In Aisle 1, you can view videos of food recipes & travel content; in Aisle 2, you can watch me dancing my heart out in a Kinney shoe commercial, and playing the role of a troubled mother who will go to great lengths to get rid of her former, mad husband.  The plot thickens in this thriller movie! 
Be sure to stroll through Aisle 3, where I share with you that surreal, magic moment when I heard, "...and the Emmy goes to --- Michael-Ann Rowe for, Off the Beaten Palate !"  Proud to say it's my first food & travel documentary series.
I look forward to meeting you here and we can always connect and share on FacebookTwitter, Pinterest, Instagram and E-mail.  I'm sure I left something out.
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