The Secret to Cooking Succulent Lobster!


The secret to cooking succulent lobster-every time!  Lobster is often over-cooked and even at the 'fanciest' restaurants.
The tail is tough and all your doing is chewing through it?  Watch as I show you the secret to cooking succulent lobster every time.

Servings: 2
5 minutes
Cook time:
12 minutes
Total time:
17 minutes


1 pound
Whole Live Lobster (Hard or New Shell)
Bay Leaves
3 slices
4 tablespoons
kosher salt (2tbs.-boiling; 2tbs. chiliing)


Bring a pot of water to a boil- enough to cover one or two or three lobsters.  
Before boiling, add bay leaves, celery, lemon slices, and kosher salt.
When water has come to a boil, remove the rubber bands from the claws and put lobster into pot. Cover
*Count time is AFTER the water has come back to a reboil.
Cook a 1-lb Hard Shell for 10-12 minutes.
Cook a 1-lb. New Shell (Maine Lobster) for about 8 minutes.
Indictor that lobster is done is also when the lobster has risen to the top and is red in color and when the tail snaps back.
For serving chilled:
Place lobster in a ice cold salted water bath.
Keep in water and ice for about 10 minutes. Remove and store on its back until ready to serve.



Pairs well with Chenon Blanc, Beer, or Sparkling drink.