Seared Tuna Toro

Tuna Belly


Tuna Toro is Tuna Belly:
This recipe is incredibly easy and delivers the most amazing flavors.  Tuna Toro is tuna belly and has such quality fat content.  It melts in your mouth.
Searing it for only 30-seconds a side is all you need, but it's so forgiving becuase of the fat content, you can cook it longer.  
I advise to only sear it for 30-seconds a side.

1: 2
5 minutes
Cook time:
3 minutes
Total time:
8 minutes


4 ounces
Tuna Belly
1 bunch
Cherry Tomatoes (Cut in half)
1 bunch
Basil (Torn into pieces)
1 clove
Garlic (Chopped)


Heat pan to med-high with sunflower, grapesee, or vegetable oil.  
Season tuna with salt and pepper
Sear for 30-seconds each side and set aside on serving plate
Quickly add the shoppe garlic and tomatoes to the hot pan and sear for abotu 2-minutes, gently stirring the tomatoes around.
Add pieces of torn basil and squeeze of lemon.
Pour over the tuna toro on plate and cut into 1/4 inches slices.
Season again with kosher salt, and some pepper. To taste.