Michael-Ann Rowe receives EMMY® AWARD

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I could have stopped at the nomination!

Producing Off the Beaten Palate  happened over a span of a few years.  I started with one province and then added two more, and presented it for another run as a three-part series to DPTV-PBS.  With Detroit Public Television, it reached not only Michigan, but all of Canada.
I have always dreamed big, always worked for better; the top of the mountain verses halfway. I thought the series could merit awards, and one can only hope for such an honor.  But I could have stopped at just being nominated by the Academy.
Now its an Emmy® Award winning Documentary Series!  
I was awarded the coveted EMMY® AWARD on June 14, 2014.
It took my breath away; at first there is shock, then more shock, then a bit of realization, then more realization, and then tears. Tears of joy!  And then realizing the hard work paid off!
This was my first documentary series. I felt so proud because I wrote it, I narrated it, and I produced it!  

Thanks to a healthy videography and editing team, they too brought the series to life!  I am so very proud of them, and for them.
  And I am especially grateful to those who believed in this project.
You can preview all three shows in the video section of Off the Beaten Palate  (New Brunswick, Ontario and Alberta).
I am especially grateful to those who believed in this project.