Alberta, Canada

Life is good in Alberta!  The Rocky Mountains, the Prairies, the city life in Edmonton and Calgary!
  And especially the incredible food harvested by the local farmers.
During the shooting of the documentary, Off the Beaten Palate, we explored much of the terroir from the Prairies to the Rocky Mountains.
Just 20 Kilometers west of Calgary is where Joy and Lindsay Ecklund welcomed me to their Angus Cross Cattle Ranch.
At 'LJ Ranch' I refreshed my horseback-riding skills, learned how to rope a cow and drove cattle!
I learned how they raise cows naturally.  And you can work on the ranch for the day.
Scenic moments are everywhere, but in Banff, Lake Louise, its simply breath-taking with spectacular views of Cascade and Sulfur Mountain.
And it only took me eight minutes to climb 2, 292 ft!  A scenic gondola ride all the way to the top.
Watch a preview of my documentary about Alberta.