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Having the time of my life with this Four-Quarter Super Bowl tasting menu!

Raw Oyster on The Oyster Bed
Lobster Cocktail
Scallop Sliders
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Sardines are just a smaller herring.  I grew up on them.  Take a peek at my adventure on a Herring Carrier in New Brunswick, Canada.
As I continue to explore our vast oceans, abundant lakes and rivers, I appreciate what really feeds my backbone, and sardines have made their way to my 'most delicious fish list'.
For some they fall into that 'fishy' fish category, but you can get over that by embracing the fact they are enriched with Omega-3's, and yet one of the most inexpensive fish per pound.
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Back to school could mean teaching kids how to prepare seafood. In fact, the whole family can enjoy the nutrition of seafood by realizing how easy it is to prepare! 
In this short series brought to us by Seafood Nutrition Partnership, I was happy to share a few simply seafood recipes that are quick and full of flavor.
Seafood Nutrition Partnership has many recipes that include nutritional facts and information about why seafood is... read more

Gary Maclean shares his life-saving tip on feeding his family while 'life as Masterchef UK', has never been busier! 

As we know it, it is incredibly hard to keep up with the latest information on mercury in some seafood.  The subject presents much challenge in defending what once was, is no longer? 

There is a real trust factor with a food category labeled as the 'mystery food'.  Seafood.

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Fiddleheads have Omega -3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, iron and fiber!  Finding them is a real treat!
Fiddleheads are furled fronds or ferns that tend to grow around march-lands and along river banks.  Both of which you'll find in the province of New Brunswick, Canada, who claim to be the "Fiddlehead Capital of the World". 
But you can find them in other regions of North America.  Springtime is when they flourish so grab them while you can.
Their taste lands somewhere between asparagus and broccoli.
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Spring is here-why not grow something this year?!
The thought of walking outside to your own passion pit of fruits and vegetables could be a reality.  Really.
Why not take the initiative to grow something yourself.
If the thought of that is at all intimidating, think again.  Just the smallest of gardens could be created in your backyard or on your window pane; vines of tomatoes or a patch of strawberries could be at your finger-tips. 
This picture was taken at Flora Farms, San Jose del Cabo,... read more

There is no doubt I love football, and all that’s wrapped around it.  Good friends and good food! 
But when it comes to eating on Super Bowl day, all of that jumping around needs a belly full of fun, hearty seafood. 
This year make something different - like more out of left field- and turn your Super Bowl food fest into a Four-Quarter Seafood Tasting!   
Follow some of these seafood recipe ideas- fit for Super Bowl 50!
In the first quarter flash-fried... read more