Spring is in the Air - Grow Something!

Spring is here-why not grow something this year?!
The thought of walking outside to your own passion pit of fruits and vegetables could be a reality.  Really.
Why not take the initiative to grow something yourself.
If the thought of that is at all intimidating, think again.  Just the smallest of gardens could be created in your backyard or on your window pane; vines of tomatoes or a patch of strawberries could be at your finger-tips. 
This picture was taken at Flora Farms, San Jose del Cabo, Mexico;  I had the opportunity to take a tour through their amazing, flourishing, organic garden. 
"For over 10 years we have been farming without the use of pesticides or genetically modified seeds."
Its the closest I've gotten to a 'farm to table' experience as I sat for lunch alongside the endless rows of vegetables of what appeared on my plate!  
There is ’labor of love’ going on at Flora Farms, as evident in the 10-acre farm.  And they have a great story of rescuing dogs!  
Their garden not only feeds parts of Mexico, but they export their goods to predominant chefs in the US.  
The smallest of gardens can have so much reward.
Think of the money you could save, the taste, and the idea of, ‘I grew it myself’!  
Happy Spring!