Seafood Education: Put Your Best Fish Forward in 2020!

Seared Salmon, Easy Seafood Recipes, Put Your Best Fish Forward

In 2020' watch for the launch of a brand new IGTV Channel, Put Your Best Fish Forward While preparing easy seafood recipes, I'll be answering the ever-pending questions surrounding seafood. 
The Power of Seafood Survey reveals that ONLY one in five adults can be classified as a frequent seafood eater.  It further states that, “Seafood consumers do not feel very knowledgeable about seafood overall, though most want to become more knowledgeable"
As a seafood educator, with a background in theatre, it was a natural fit to trademark the name, Fishionista
Ironically, when it comes to learning about seafood there is much drama surrounding it and there is hardly a good kitchen without drama. 
Consumers are still finding it difficult to embrace seafood: “where do I shop for fresh seafood?”, “how do I chose seafood?”, “is it safe”, “is it sustainable?” and, “how the heck do I cook with it?”.   AND, “Can’t touch this!”
This past decade I won an Emmy Award for the food and travel series, Off the Beaten Palate, and it’s what brings me to seafood education today.  My investment in ‘where food comes from’ pairs perfectly with these ongoing seafood quandaries.
I look forward to bringing my experience, my documentations, my tried and true sustainable seafood recipes, and passing it all on to a most ravenous consumer!  
With the launch of the new IGTV channel, I can't wait to cook with friends, family, home cooks and chefs, and especially the young at heart, as seafood plays a most important role in brain and heart health.  Lets get to eating seafood two times a week!