Join Dr. Bob Bayer and Michael-Ann Rowe for a FREE LOBSTER MasterClass #1 & #2.  All in support of our cross-border lobster industry. We want the lobster fisherman to keep feeding us Homarus Americanus!

Register here for one or both dates:

June 18 at 6:30PM (Eastern): https://bit.ly/2XRaWVS


June 30 at 6:30PM (Eastern): https://bit.ly/2AoElhe

Together we will share the many fascinating facts about lobster; How lobsters grow, lifecycle, lobster sex, new and hardshell, lobster seasons, how-to buy and store lobster, and recipe ideas! Michael-Ann will demonstrate the Luke's Lobster roll recipe.

Bob is a scientist, innovator and author, and has patented a number of lobster related products. He's also Professor Emeritus of the Lobster Institute of Maine. He will share and demonstrate things you’ve never seen before!

Michael-Ann Rowe is from Canada and a graduate of the Lobster Lovers Academy, a seafood advocate and as well as a digital content creator.  She is the instigator of lobster101 (NYC), and the Canadian Oyster Festival (NYC). And she is the creator of the Fishionista® brand.  

The Lobster MasterClasses are ideal for culinary institutes, chefs, restaurant staff, journalists, anyone interested in marine science and of course, your lobster loving friends!

We would like to thank Luke's Lobster for sponsoring our event with their delicious lobster bundles, and the Lobster Council of Canada for their support as well.

If you want to follow along with the recipe, or breakdown a lobster with Michael-Ann and 'Dr. Bob', you can order lobster and the bundles from Luke's Lobster ahead of time:  https://shop.lukeslobster.com/collections/shop-lukes

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