Its a Sea Urchin, not a Porcupine!

Finding a sea urchin is like finding a little pot of gold.   This one can be eaten! 
When it appeared in a Lobster trap, as it often does, I was like a kid in a candy shop; Gimme- Gimme!
I wanted to crack it open and savor it for all of its milky, sweet, briny flavor.  Its texture is much like tofu, and may only delight certain palates. 
In the past, most of the American Sea Urchin was being shipped to Japan but in recent years, consumers have appreciated its delicacy as more chefs present it in thoughtful recipes like, sea urchin mousse, sea urchin carbonara, sea urchin toast, and in its purest form as Uni.
This was me finding one in a lobster trap as we were shooting our seafood adventure in Canada.