Its Game On! A Four-Quarter Super Bowl Seafood Tasting!

There is no doubt I love football, and all that’s wrapped around it.  Good friends and good food! 
But when it comes to eating on Super Bowl day, all of that jumping around needs a belly full of fun, hearty seafood. 
This year make something different - like more out of left field- and turn your Super Bowl food fest into a Four-Quarter Seafood Tasting!   
Follow some of these seafood recipe ideas- fit for Super Bowl 50!
In the first quarter flash-fried Oysters are the perfect opener.  As the game gets going into the 2nd quarter, bring on the salmon sliders!  Get ready for the half-time show and the 3rd quarter with dipping Fish Sticks.  The celebration in the 4th quarter deserves my Shake, Rattle and Lobster Rolls!