How Will You Celebrate Seafood Month?

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There are hundreds of events coming up for Seafood Month.  But every month is seafood month for me.

Oyster festivals, restaurant celebrations and new recipes! 

September through April are really good months for Wild Oysters. I’ve learned that our wild oyster industry- world-wide, makes up for only 5% of our oysters.  But the farmed oyster industry is one of our most sustainable fisheries and allows us to eat them all year round.  Oysters from anywhere can easily take advantage of me!

The cold winter months are prime for the premium hard shell lobster that comes from- you guessed it- Atlantic Canada.  I love going home at holiday time to indulge in the biggest feast of succulent lobster. It’s got the best balance of salt and sweetness.  Mainer’s will get a sniff of the hardshell season as well.  I think this year I’ll make a lobster risotto. Scallops, Cod, Crab, Trout, Shrimp are also in season and farmed fish is always with us. There are so many choices!

Have a look at some of the recipes on my website, and you can always visit Seafood Nutrition Partnership to take the pledge to eat seafood 2x a week as well as delicious recipes.  Another website I use is Jule Q's, In A Half Shell for her Oyster expertise and blogging. 
No matter what month it is, celebrate seafood for your health, for the industry, perhaps your own community, and the economic viability of North American seafood industry.  
I feel blessed to be surrounded by so much amazing seafood!