A Great Pizza Oven = great Panuozzo & Pizza!

My recent visit to San Matteo’s upper east side pizza eatery was an introduction to Panuozzo, starting with how to pronounce it- to the smell from its special oven-bake, to the texture that hit my mouth before my first bite; and then on to a perfectly cooked pizza!   Panuozzo is like a panini, but not to be mistaken for it! 
There is no doubt a great pizza oven is key.  San Matteo has committed themselves to baking their Italian specialties in a Marra Forni oven and after having just opened, you can tell the locals on the UES are understanding what comes out of that oven, is true pizza!
Being the Fishionista that I am, I challenged the team to make me a seafood pizza.  What seems to be a faux-pas for some Italians, they could not say no to a gal who shows up with Lobster in hand.
They went for it and created their first Lobster Pizza, with black buffalo mozzarella!
New Yorker’s pride ourselves on knowing good pizza, but in the south of Italy, where these boys are from, they have pizza dough under their skin; now translated in a Marra Forni oven on the Upper East Side :) 
Saving room for the chocolate stuffed pizza dough is a must!