Etouffee Pizza

I like Hank Shaws recipe for Etouffee. 
For the pizza, ask your local pizza place to sell you pizza dough to save you time.
Use a cast iron pan, cover the bottom with vegetable oil, keeping some of that oil on your hands to spread the dough evenly over the bottom. 
Bake the dough for about 10-minutes and then add Etouffee toppings.  ( I do this becuase the toppings may stop the dough from cooking all the way through if you put them on at the same time.
But it all depends on how hot and what kind of grill or oven you have).  In this demonstration, the grill I'm using is actually on its last legs, so I'm compensating for that).
You could cook this in the oven as well but on the grill is so fun, especially in summer months when its too hot and you don't want to turn your oven on.
I encourage to try more grilled or oven-baked seafood pizzas!