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Michael-Ann Rowe Bio, Food Writer, TV Producer, Emmy Award-Winner, Sports Writer

Michael-Ann Rowe

Emmy® Award-Winning television personality, food & travel journalist; a culinary advocate, specializing in seafood. 
Pairs well with her theatrical background :)

Michael-Ann was born in New Brunswick, Canada and moved to New York City in 1992.
After undertaking the Acting program at Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia, Michael-Ann’s focus was set to work in theater, film and television.  New York was on the map!
Her talent in front of the camera matched with her love of food eventually brought her to Entrée TV as their show host for over six years.  She was the first to film within the galley of the USS JFK Aircraft Carrier, covering ‘Food Aboard the Ship’; a prominent story for Entrée TV.
She has interviewed many of New York’s chefs and restaurateurs which led her to delve into culture behind food and develop her own food & travel series, Off the Beaten Palate.
Michael-Ann's first three-part documentary was broadcast on PBS and won her the coveted Emmy® Award in 2014.
Her most recent project is a cooking series, Put Your Best Fish Forward.   How to buy, cook and enjoy responsibly caught seafood.
Michael-Ann is a member of SAG-AFTRA, National Academy Television Arts & Science, the Lobster Council of Canada, Chefs Collaborative, Women Chefs and Restaurants, Women Foodservice Forum, and Slow Food, NY.
She is an Ambassador of Seafood Nutrition Partnership.

Television, Theater, Media and Publications
Her acting career includes feature roles in film, television, and theater.
Her range of characters vary from a lead role in The Offering to a lead role in the acclaimed Stratos 4, Anime series.
Her New York Theater highlights include Peculiar Works Project, OFFstage: The East Village Fragments, a lead role in Sherri Heller's, Mother's and Daughter's, and a co-lead in the female version of The Odd Couple.  
She was the face of the New York Central show, as their, "Sex in the City" reporter.
Her personal sports background evolved into sports journalism and producing various sports content.
Michael-Ann co-wrote the 'Sporting America' column for Penthouse magazine for three years, interviewing many sports celebrities. And later a column called, Mikey’s Picks, for Femmefanwas a weekly article of her NFL picks.
She is the TV personality, writer and producer behind the Emmy® Award-winning Off the Beaten Palate, and currently in development of her next series  Put Your Best Fish Forward.

The Early Stages of Life
As ‘M-A’ say’s, what kitchen does not have drama?
Coming from a foodie family of five and with a single parent, "it got very theatrical!"
Her Sister owns two restaurants in New Brunswick.
Her mother is a teacher and a writer.  
From an early age she was hamming it up putting on plays for her mother and company.  Food was involved!
Always ready for an adventure, the Boys & Girls Club and Girl Guide's of Canada was a perfect fit.
She was always involved with sports; track & field, field hockey, ball hockey, dancing and skating, and touch football.
After studying theater at Dalhousie University it was off to New York City...

Career Beginnings
Moving to New York City in 1992!
While picking up acting gigs, she grew to know New York City was the biggest stage and what could be done on that stage was limitless.
The 'food capital of the world' is where she learned that the best food experiences came from the most obscure and hidden places, and she became passionate about the industry, combining her acting career and food experience as television host in a series called Entrée TV; a weekly highlight of New York’s restaurateurs.  
After interviewing many chefs and delving into gastronomy, Michael-Ann looks at food as an on-going process of learning and appreciation.  
When she returns to Canada, its digging in behind the scenes at her sister’s restaurants testing new recipes and appreciating her seafood-rearing.
During her six years at Entrée TV, Michael-Ann started writing and producing her own media content and decided to develop a food & travel series, Off the Beaten Palate.
Her first three-part documentary was broadcast on PBS and won her the coveted Emmy® Award.

For nine years, Michael-Ann was the mascot ‘Canna Vanna’ for Canstruction; a unique organization that raises millions of pounds of food for hungry men, women and children each year.
She has been a judge for Canstruction in the past.  
Michael-Ann also supports No Kid Hungry.

Michael-Ann is a member of Women Chefs and Restaurants, Chefs Collaborative, Women Foodservice Forum, Slow Food, NY, the Lobster Council of Canada,
National Academy Television Arts & Science and Screen Actors Guild/ AFTRA.
She is an Ambassador of Seafood Nutrition Partnership.